Shadow Shaping Robot

by Moon Publicity on 18/07/09 at 6:00 am

New Shadow Shaping technology creates images on the moon that can be seen from Earth. Robots are used to create several small ridges in the lunar dust over large areas that capture shadows and shape them to form logos, domains names or memorials. For more information on licensing this technology click here.

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The Big Picture
Many people are strongly opposed to creating commercial images on the Moon. We would feel the same way if it were solely for monetary gain.
However, consider the big picture. What is the biggest problem in the world? Is it hunger? Is it illness? Is it war? No. The […] More Details
Shadow Shaping Benefits
Licensing Shadow Shaping technology offers several benefits:
1- A Sign in the Heavens – Never in the history of advertising has the possibility of penetrating every market on Earth, reaching every person on Earth, and touching them at emotional level only possible with the beauty of the moon on a starlit night, been made available. […] More Details
Shadow Shaping Technology
Shadow Shaping is patent pending (Patent Application 61/150,054) technology that can be used to create images on the surface of the Moon that are visible from Earth. Practical uses for these images include advertising and memorials.
The moon is covered with a fine dust that can be compacted to create shadow patterns. An excellent […] More Details
Shadow Shaping Challenges
There are some challenges to overcome in order to create Shadow Shaping images on the Moon. The fact that the Mars Rovers have been traveling successfully over the surface of Mars for several years would indicate that technology is mature enough to support Shadow Shaping. There are some additional factors to consider.
Economic Challenges
1- […] More Details
This is a guide to selecting your Shadow Shaping region. First of all, to get specific information on a particular region, click on it on the map below. This map will appear in each region’s description so you do not need to return here to access it. Just continue to click from region to region, […] More Details
Aristarchus is located in the west in the Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms), the most notable feature being the Aristarchus crater. It also includes the Delisle, Diophantus, Euler, Herodotus and a few other minor craters. It contains a small mountain range called Montes Harbinger to the north rising 2000 meters above the low lands and […] More Details
Aristoteles is located in the north, the most notable features being the Aristoteles crater and the eastern part of the Mare Frigoris (Sea of Cold).
Geological Survey | Topographical Map
This region is named after the Greek philosopher Aristotle (300 BC). His contributions to the physical sciences were followed for hundreds of years until Newtonian Physics […] More Details
Byrgius is located in the west in the southern highlands, the most notable feature being the Byrgius crater. It also includes Crüger, Vieta, Cavendish, Fourier and a several other minor craters.
Geological Survey | Topographical Map
This region is named after the Swiss clockmaker and mathematician Joost Bürgi (1600 AD). He made mechanical models representing […] More Details
Cassini is located in the north, the most notable features being the Cassini and Aristillus craters. The region is located in the Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains). To the north, there is a small range of mountains called the Montes Alpes. Being in a mare the region is relatively flat except the […] More Details
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Disclaimer: Investing involves risk. Licensing Shadow Shaping technology is no different. There are a number of identified challenges as well as unknown risks. Consult with professional advisers before registering to bid. The licensing offer is only available to accredited investors where permitted by law. Information provided is for educational purposes and is not guaranteed for accuracy or applicability. No warranties or guarantees, neither written nor oral, are provided with this offer.

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