Shadow Shaping Benefits

by Moon Publicity on 13/05/09 at 1:13 am

Licensing Shadow Shaping technology offers several benefits:

1- A Sign in the Heavens – Never in the history of advertising has the possibility of penetrating every market on Earth, reaching every person on Earth, and touching them at emotional level only possible with the beauty of the moon on a starlit night, been made available. Twelve billion eyeballs looking at your logo in the sky for several days every month.

If 60 seconds during the Super Bowl costs 6 million dollars to reach 200 million viewers, then an eyeball minute costs about a penny and a half. Even if the average person were to look at your image on the moon for a total of only 10 seconds a month, then that image would be worth 360 million dollars a year in raw advertising value.

Let’s suppose it would cost a billion dollars to create and send a fleet of Shadow Shaping robots to the moon, the project would pay for itself in less than 3 years after completion. Over the next 50 years it would generate 18 billion dollars worth of advertising. And since there is no atmosphere on the Moon, the image could last for thousands of years.

2- The Lunar Renaissance – July 2009 marks the 40 anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. NASA is planning on creating a space station on the moon in the near future. Those who can align themselves with this lunar phenomenon will benefit by association with the renewed excitement of space travel.

During the Lunar Renaissance, the media will be looking for related stories. Even if you do nothing more than issue a press release that you have licensed technology to create advertising images on the Moon, you will be positioned for incredible exposure in the media. Properly framed in the context of supporting the development of technology that will help colonize other worlds, you can develop a brand that embodies being on the cutting edge and helping mankind move to other worlds since our own will not last forever.

3- Gray Gold – Currently international space law prohibits the ownership of lunar property. Many experts believe that in the future this will change as technology makes the exploitation of the Moon commercially viable. Historical property law has typically required animus possidendi (the intention to possess) and corpus possidendi (physical possession) in order to claim ownership of new land. By being the first to develop millions of square kilometers of the surface of the Moon through Shadow Shaping technology, you will be building a strong claim for ownership of the lunar land under your image.

Just as the farmers and ranchers that settled some of the old west found that the oil or gold discovered on their properties was worth much more than their cattle or crops, “shadow farmers” may find that lunar resources such as mineral rights or potential resort sites may have much more value than the Shadow Shaping images they have created.

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