Mare Vaporum

by Moon Publicity on 26/04/09 at 3:51 pm

The Mare Vaporum (Sea of Vapors) from which this central region is named is not the only sea within its borders. Other seas include the Sinus Aestuum (Bay of Seething), and Sinus Medii (Bay of the Center).

Geological Survey | Topographical Map

Region Map

Region Map

Region Data
Name Mare Vaporum
Number 59
NW Corner 16° N 10° W
SE Corner 0° S 10° E
Raw Area* 1,162,000 km2
Visible Area* 1,133,000 km2
Visibility Factor* 98%
Minimum Bid $ 602,000 (USD)
Download region data*
*Data is provided as a courtesy. Some values are approximate and accuracy is not guaranteed. You are encouraged to do your own research before bidding. Refer to the Region Guide for more information on the data items.

Lunar landings in this area include Surveyor 6 (0.46° N 1.37° W).

Photo of Mare Vaporum
Photo of Mare Vaporum

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